Round Three of the 2021 BOC Henneys Championship took place at Prescott Hillclimb on an overcast , cool but thankfully dry day. The Classic Championship class was well supported and was running first on the programme meaning an early start for the saloon car class who were called to the startline at around 8,30am. A few dramas with class positions and paddock placement were largely overcome but competitors were left bemused by the fence installed to prevent them reaching the clubhouse for food and drink. This was obviously to prevent the mixing of Drivers and Spectators, but most felt a far bigger customer 'pool' would have come from the Competitors themselves - essential if you trying to make money.

Saloon Cars:

A healthy entry of 13 cars contained the usual mix of Fords (Escorts and Anglias), Mini's and Imps with the new addition of the lovely Fiat 500 Abarth of driver pairing David Fripp & Leigh Carter. Fastest on scratch was Simon Braithwaite in his Mk1 Escort BDG very closely followed by Matt Clarke's super rapid Mini. Matt's onboard camera caught evidence of a massive oversteer moment at Orchard's fastest point in the first timed run!. Third fastest was Anthony Ward in the tidy BMW 2002. Handicap positions went to Martin Saunders in his RS2000 from Andy Clarke in the green Mini Mk2 closely followed by Mark Maynard making his 2021 series debut in another rapid Imp.

Sports Cars:

Again a great field of cars with 15 entered. The Handicap win was taken by Alistair Clark in the Triump Stag with a time just under a second better than his previous best. Second on handicap went to series sponsor Mike Henney in the Lotus Elan followed closely by Brian Ashley in the white MGB. Six drivers were under their previous quickest times in the class with all of these separated by less than 0.7 seconds - so very close indeed. Fastest driver in the class was Richard Jones in the Porsche 911 (Josh Sadler having elected to run his car in the Porsche class which headlined the meeting) , second on scratch times was Mike Henney followed by Ryan Eamer, back out in the families trusty Frogeye Sprite after a lengthy rebuild. Joshua Moss was sharing the big Healy 3000 with father Ian in a break from his usual F3 based Dallara single seater, Ian just managing to uphold the family honours!.

Single Seaters and Sports Racing Cars:

Eleven starters in this class with the cars moved to the Bugatti terrace to park them somewhere flat with the low ground clearance issue thankfully mostly solved.

The handicap win was taken by Jeremy Rivers-Fletcher who appears to be on something of a roll having taken up MX5 racing as a secondary motor racing activity! In second place was David Owen in his Merlyn FF1600, from Peter thurston in the super rapid early Mallock. Peter also was fastest driver in the class on scratch from Andy Tippetts mighty Brabham V8. Third fastest was Grant Cratchley in the Brabham BT21, making only his second outing of the year and first meeting back at Prescott for a while. Jim Scott and Mike Bainbridge completed some practice runs but were absent from the competitive event runs in the afternoon thankfully not with accident damage.